3 thoughts on “State of the Arts”

  1. As usual, you touch on an important point. I, like you, prefer to experience art on my own terms and resist having it explained to me. However, I don’t mind the educational component being available to those who feel they need it. Unfortunately the need to book blockbusters and pack ’em in for economic reasons has made visits to large art institutions less and less attractive to me. Not to mention the price of tickets and the need to reserve weeks in advance. I can’t enjoy art when I’m standing shoulder to shoulder in a roomful of people being herded through an exhibit in a linear fashion. I need the freedom to spontaneously drop in, stand back, get up close, wander around, and feel the totality of the work to really absorb it. I fear those days are gone at the AGO.

  2. David Bowie has a exhibit, Bob Dylan has an exhibit, George Bush is painting now, too. Who’s next, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, a sports figure, a movie star, another politician? Artists become celebrities, celebrities become artists. Museums aren’t about art, they’re about celebrity status, period. It only becomes more evident now.

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