State of the Arts

Victoria Ward

2013 and beyond!

This is a very brief blog since I am desperate to stop working and start doing nothing. Thankfully I do not involve myself in the commercial aspects of the holidays and don’t shop. I don’t think I have been in a mall at this time of year for eons.

I much prefer to make my own stuff or purchase work from other artists. Other than the LCBO and the grocery store I have no recent experience of holiday, manic shopping. And, everyone in my little community is suffering from some very weird illness making my pre-Christmas universe look like an episode of The Walking Dead. I am an island of health and intend to keep it that way.

The holidays are always a good time to take stock and think about possiblities. I do this well, I like to gestate. Next year will be an interesting year for the arts and hopefully a better one. With lots of institutions across the country closing this past year and sales at an all time low, we could use an upswing. I have a gut feeling it will be better and perhaps a year of meaningful change for a lot of people. Change is scary and who really likes it? But it is an inevitable part of this whole crazy thing we call being alive.

So, I raise a toast to change and wish everyone who is stuggling in the arts a better year. To administrators, curators, artists, funders, boards, interested media, bloggers, writers, supporters of all kinds and buyers I salute your dedication to this mad undertaking called art! Cheers everyone and see you in 2013!

My xmas card from 2008. It was a good one and I wanted to share it again. BTW that is artist Gary Blundell as the baby Jesus.

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